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Camera Settings: ISO

Last time we talked a little about cameras, new age fancy cameras where you don’t have to do anything but throw it in the air. Well today we want to talk some more about cameras, more specifically DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras and one of the settings. Many people buy more expensive cameras like […]

2016 Best Laptops

Now that we took a moment last week to talk about the best laptops of 2015, in hopes that you may be able to go out and find some good deals. Lets take a step forward back into 2016 and talk about a few of the best laptops in 2016 and what’s to be expected. […]

Laptops from 2015

Lets take a moment to talk about the best laptops of 2015. What was the best of the best in 2015 that you may be hoping to strike a good deal on? We’ll take the top 10 in this case and you can go hunt from there!   Number 10: ┬áThe Asus ZenBook ux305 – […]